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Ora Murphy

Ora was badly burned in an electrical fire at work.
“It wasn’t my fault, but the company tried to blame me for it. If I hadn’t had a lawyer, Workers’ Comp would have bailed out on me. This was a three-part case. Personal injury, Workers’ Comp and Social Security Disability…Ray handled all three. If it hadn’t been for Ray, I’d have been in a world of trouble right now. I think Ray’s done a marvelous job. I’d advise anyone that’s been injured to pick up the phone and call Ray Jones. He is a real good lawyer. I like him.”


Miranda Reed

Miranda was stopped at a red light when she was struck by a tractor-trailer. The driver had fallen asleep at the wheel. She suffered life-changing injuries that led to long-term health problems.
“Not only did Ray take care of my lawsuit, but he also got me my Social Security Disability. Ray took care of everything. Ray’s a very good-hearted, caring person. He did wonders for me. I was very happy with the outcome of the case. If I knew anyone who was injured in an accident, I would definitely recommend Ray.”


Cliff Daniels

Cliff was hit from behind by a drunk driver. He required multiple back surgeries following the accident.
“After I left the emergency room at the hospital, I contacted Ray Jones. He’s the man to do the job. It was a complicated case any way you look at it. I’ve had five back surgeries. The opposing attorneys and the insurance companies really didn’t want to work with us on this. Ray worked on my care relentlessly. If I needed anything…he was there. He would call to check up on me. Even after the case was over, Ray would still call and check on me, see how I was doing. Seriously, in all honesty, anybody I see that’s hurt, I want to send them to Ray. He’s the most honest man that I know, and now he’s not just my attorney, he’s my friend.”


Jennifer Rice

A member of Jennifer’s family was seriously injured in a truck accident. His neck was broken in four places. He will need medical care the rest of his life.
“We got handed thousands of dollars of medical bills and we needed help. We needed to protect our legal rights. If we hadn’t have had Ray, we wouldn’t have been able to cover the bills. We wouldn’t have been able to do anything. Ray made arrangements to get all the medical bills covered. He saved us. Ray was able to keep us out of court, which really helped our family. No one could have picked a better law firm. He did a great job. He was wonderful, you couldn’t as for better.”
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